Food Waste at Your Nursery

Across the UK, nurseries prepare meals for children every day. This is provided by skilled in-house cooks and professional early years catering services. Unfortunately, a high proportion of this food is wasted, and most of it is edible.
The reasons for this wastage ranges from too much food being prepared, the portion sizes being too big, or the children not enjoying the menu on offer. When food is thrown away in nurseries, it is not separated from the general waste, and therefore it increases the amount of black bags being left outside in the bin. Furthermore, this rotting food waste can encourage cats, rats, foxes and other vermin to forage which can lead to unwanted faeces being left near an active nursery of young children.
Nurseries could reduce their food waste by taking necessary steps:
  • Consider how popular your food is among the children and revise the menu
  • Separate your general waste from your food waste and use a caddy bin to scrape your food waste into.
  • Compost your food waste in the garden
  • Give leftover food to staff members to eat on their break, or to take home with them – provide Tupperware or have them bring their own.
  • Link with local churches, homeless shelters or community centre and find a way for them to collect your food.

Table habits to encourage less waste

Encourage small portions. Explain that the child can always ask for more once they have finished.
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